European Commission published high-level group’s recommendations to achieve gender equality in sport

Gender equality is a fundamental European Union (EU) principle. Enshrined in the Treaties, it is something the EU is actively trying to achieve – most recently through its Gender Equality Strategy 2021-2025. European Commission High Level Group on Gender Equality in Sport

The high-level group on gender equality in sport, has put forward an action plan and recommendations to achieve a more equitable gender balance in sport.

These have been addressed to the European Commission, EU Member States, national and international sports bodies as well as grassroots organisations.

The high-level group was established by Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth.

Recommendations in 6 areas

The high-level group proposed recommendations in the following 6 thematic areas

  1. participation
  2. coaching and officiating
  3. leadership
  4. social and economic aspects of sport
  5. media coverage
  6. gender-based violence

The first part for the report is devoted to 8 concepts that are applicable to all the main themes such as gender mainstreaming or effective communication.

The second part looks at key areas and is further divided into 3 sections

  1. overview of the current situation
  2. recommendations
  3. action proposals for stakeholders at EU, national and grassroots level

Former top athletes, politicians, members of European and international sport federations as well as distinguished academics are the members of the high-level group.