Beijing Olympics 2022

Chinese paramilitary policemen patrol near the National Stadium or Bird’s Nest at the Olympic Green in Beijing two weeks before the start of the Olympic Games in 2008. © REUTERS/Claro Cortes

CHINA: 2022 Winter Olympics and candidate 2026 World Cup Football

China has a strong influence in the world. This is one of the reasons why it is so alarming that the country, candidate for organizing the 2022 Winter Olympics and 2026 World Cup, barely complies with human rights. The freedoms of expression, religion and assembly are highly curtailed. China’s system of internet censorship is believed to be the most advanced in the world. Everyone who fights for human rights risks intimidation, detention and torture. The death penalty is handed down more often in China than in all other countries of the world combined. The Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics brought increased repression to the entire country.

In 2022 the Winter Olympics are being held in China; when the host for the World Cup will be chosen is yet unknown.

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