What is Our Approach?

Catalyzing the Movement at a Critical Time

The responsibility and opportunity of sports organizations to respect, remedy, and advance human rights has always existed. However, a new wave of activism has emerged with the exposure of shocking abuse and sexual harassment scandals of athletes and children, as well as athlete-led protests calling for the respect of democratic values, gender equality, and racial justice. 

By harnessing, organizing, and amplifying the work of its partners at this critical moment, the SRA will ensure the voices of these athletes, fans, and communities are recognized and respected — bringing systemic change in and through the world of sport.

Our Theory of Change

Using the combined strength, representation and expertise of our partners as well as strategic partnerships with other organisations and people and communities with lived experience, we believe systemic change must and can be achieved by following this approach.

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Sport has the potential to be a catalyst for human development, unity, and freedom, but too often it instead brings harm to its athletes, fans, and communities. We exist to uncover and rectify the many abuses that exist both in and around sport. We aim to transform sports into an authentic force for good.