Why Sport & Human Rights?

The Promise of Sport is Tainted by Abuse and Corruption

Sport has the potential to be a catalyst for human development, unity, and freedom, but too often it instead brings harm to its athletes, fans, and communities. We exist to uncover and rectify the many abuses that exist both in and around sport. We aim to transform sports into an authentic force for good. 

Global Sport Can be a Powerful Vehicle for Change

The sport and human rights movement exists not only to embed human rights in the world of sport — protecting and remedying the harm done to its athletes, fans, and surrounding communities — but to leverage sports as a vehicle for advancing rights further into the fabric of society around the globe.

“Sports organizations should embrace the critical role they can play in helping address race, gender, and LGBT+ inequality and injustice. Many fans expect it — and future growth likely depends upon it.”

Deloitte 2021 Sports Industry Outlook

Did You Know?