What We Do

We Amplify the Movement to Embed Human Rights in the World of Sport

We serve as a force multiplier for civil society groups and trade unions working to promote the rights of everyone affected by sport, including children, women, activists, journalists, LGBTI+ people, fans, athletes, and workers.

Engaging directly with the IOC, FIFA, and other global sport bodies, we have played pivotal roles in landmark decisions by these organisations to adopt new policies, include human rights bidding criteria for mega-events, and host city contract clauses that embed their responsibilities to respect human rights, child rights, freedom of expression laws, labour standards, and anti-corruption measures. 

We have also helped drive collective action to establish the Geneva-based Centre for Sport and Human Rights, including by pushing sports bodies to join the effort. Our partners ensured affected people’s representation and authored white papers for the Centre on issues related to children’s rights, athletes’ rights, remedy, corruption, and other key topics within the sport context. We have co-chaired a dedicated Task Force on supporting the people most affected by the delivery of sport and are the focal point for elevating activists’ and victims’ voices at the annual Sporting Chance Forum and in the Centre’s Advisory Council and Governance Committee.

How We Work


We monitor and investigate human rights abuses and corruption, identify risks, and share information with partners and the public.


We organise solidarity and direct actions, participate in protests, engage with survivors’ groups, liaise with constituencies, and coordinate national groups.


We engage the media and use our own channels to expose harm, build public pressure and leverage, and raise awareness.


We foster engagement, represent and ensure participation of affected people and survivors, propose policy, and recommend legal or industrial action.


We negotiate and enforce global agreements with sport governing bodies with respect to embedding human rights in sports.

Our Theory of Change

By harnessing, organizing, and amplifying the work of our partners, we will create systemic change at multiple levels in the world of sport.

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