What We Stand For

A World Where Global Sport is an Authentic Force for Good

Our Vision

We envision a world where global sport is an authentic force for good, complies with internationally recognised human rights, including child wellbeing and safeguarding, and adheres to the highest governance and anti-corruption standards.

Our Mission

We will have profound impact on global sport by harnessing, organising and amplifying the work of our partners to:

  • Represent and secure justice to the people in or affected by sport by ensuring that internationally recognised human rights are respected, protected and promoted 
  • Embed human rights in sport through:
    • Ensuring sport governing bodies apply the highest standards of governance and accountability, including in relation to human rights;
    • Multilateral and bilateral engagement, negotiation and agreement with sports bodies, intergovernmental agencies, governments, brands, and other key stakeholders; and
    • Powerful campaigns and communications.
  •  Build the strength of the Sport & Rights Alliance and the sport and human rights movement.

Our Legacy

Our work over the next four years will drive change at four different levels:

The Humanity of Sport: The IOC and FIFA as Strategic Priorities

As the two largest sport governing bodies in the world, the IOC and FIFA sit at the center of elite athletics and have the influence needed to inject human rights into the DNA of all sport. Ensuring these bodies comply with and embed human rights standards within their governance structures and supply chains sets the tone for all sports organizations to follow. 

Powerful Sporting Moments: Accelerators for Change

Mega sporting events and key championships impact millions of fans, workers, athletes, and communities worldwide. If planned and delivered as celebrations of human rights, these events have the power to make a positive and lasting impact on their spectators and the societies that host their festivities.

The People of Sport: Individual Remedy and Systemic Urgency

To achieve change at an institutional and cultural level, we must also achieve justice at the level of the individual. Campaigning, advocating, and securing remedy for individuals whose rights have been violated is a key priority in our strategy to transform the entire world of sport.

The Sport & Human Rights Movement: Building Its Strength

By centering our work on the voices of survivors, children and young people in sports and communities impacted by sporting events, we will support strengthening the sport and human rights movement. This movement will leave a legacy of legal, political, cultural, and systemic change in, through, and beyond sport.